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Conquest is India’s first student run startup accelerator which provides mentorship to the best of the best startups of India by connecting them with stalwarts in the field. After a rigorous process of selection, the top 10 are given the opportunity to pitch before the biggest investment firms of the industry in Bangalore.


a timeline of all the events we’ll be having during Conquest

15th April - 25th May


Registration Begins

Conquest would be accepting registrations from 3rd April and would go on till 31st May. The registration is free of charge, just fill out a simple hassle-free application form, and voila! you’re good to go.

10th June - 25th July


Online Mentoring Program

Transcending the boundaries of geography and time, our Top 15 startups get an opportunity to receive online mentoring over a 6 week period. Each session revolves around a critical aspect of startup growth, ranging across pitching, fundraising, building MVP, GTM Strategy and finding a product-market fit.

29th July - 3rd August


Accelerator Program

The Top 10 startups move to Bangalore for a 7-day accelerator program where they are provided free accommodation and co-working space. We create an environment of co-learning that helps startups grow together at an exponential pace. The program comprises sessions with successful founders, investment workshops by VCs and Angels and networking events.

4th August


Demo Day

Demo Day provides startups with the perfect stage to pitch in front of investors, industry leaders, policymakers and media houses to #MakeAMark. The finale is a day where all the stakeholders of the startup ecosystem come together, engage in thought-provoking conversations, share ideas and create solutions.

different tracks

Pan India Track

The pan India track invites participation from exciting startups across the country. The startups hence undergo various tiers of shortlisting and mentoring and are provided with ample networking opportunities.

Sustainibility Track

Sustainibility Track provides opportunity to network and get mentored by prominent industry experts within the domain. The registration can be done by the common application

our process

Our startups undergo various stages of shortlisting, each step aimed to bring out the best in them. Have a look at our process.


Mentoring Session

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With various tiers of shortlisting, our top-30 cohort receives mentoring from industry experts over various domains such as product, growth, marketing, design and UI/UX.


Fireside Chats

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To deliver the best value to our startups, we organize fireside chats, which are specifically tailored sessions catering to specific sectors, hence offering a space for startups to get real-life advice from the stalwarts themselves.


Pitching Sessions

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Pitching sessions are organized with representatives from our investment partners to provide an investor’s viewpoint to our startups and help them perfect their pitch.



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Investment workshops are held with our investment partners for our startups to get in-depth insights on topics such as fundraising, pitching and branding.


Demo Day

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The Demo Day witnesses our startups pitching to a decorated audience of investors, jury members, angel investors and industry experts. The winner hence receives an equity-less cash prize.

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